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Auro: The Golden Ticket

Welcome to Auro, where innovation meets tradition for a nature-based, scientific approach to well-being. At Auro, we're not just offering a product; we're ushering in a new era of confidence and vitality. Our commitment lies in harnessing the potent benefits of AuNPs (gold nanoparticles), and natural peptides, combined in a breakthrough solution for men's sexual health restoration.

Driven by a pursuit for natural health, Auro stands as a beacon of hope and transformation in men all around the world. Our ethos is rooted in the belief that nature provides untold, profound healing opportunities. Our solutions are a testament to simplicity meeting effectiveness. With Auro X, embrace a future of revitalized confidence, naturally.



A New Era of Men's Sexual Wellness



Gold Nanoparticles, Vitex Negundo extract, Aerva Lanata extract

  • Optimize

    X AuNPs + Peptides solution leverages the power of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) to restore, vitalize, and heal. AuNPs have been scientifically proven to have potent bioactive properties offering an array of health benefits.

  • Perform

    Combined with the power of AuNPs, our specialized plant peptides have shown remarkable benefit to sexual health over decades of use. It works by optimizing Nitric-Oxide (NO) induced vasodilation.

  • Transform

    Our X AuNPs + Peptides solution provides long-term benefit to sexual health in men. It is designed to address the root issue, and provide results extending well beyond its initial application.

Why X?


Minimize risk – our topically applied X AuNPs + Peptides colloidal gold solution is absorbed transdermally and bypasses the risks of many other ingestible products for male sexual health. Experience long term improvement within the first few applications.


Handmade from all natural ingredients – Our gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) are sourced from ultra-fine, 98% pure elemental gold powder. Our plant peptides are extracted from medicinal herbs known as 'Gorakshaganja' or 'Mountain Knotgrass' (Aerva Lanata) and 'Nirgundi' or 'Chinese Chastetree' (Vitex Negundo). These herbs are found in the Himalayan regions of India and Tibet and have been traditionally used to treat male sexual health and performance related issues for time immemorial.

Gold Nanoparticles (AuNPs)

Unleash the power of nanoparticles - AuNPs possess several bio active properties including being anti-microbial, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory giving them a robust safety profile. They form the basis of our approach for topical application and transdermal absorption to deliver plant peptides to the targeted area.


Our X AuNPs + Peptides colloidal gold solution has been around and used for over 50+ years within the global natural health space with unparalleled efficacy. This solution is well documented and demonstrates a predictable mode of action, consistently reported in around 95% of men.
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Long Term

Our X AuNPs + Peptides colloidal gold solution is designed to directly address the root-cause issue and provide long term benefit to sexual health. Our specialized plant peptides work through enzymatic action to restore and optimize Nitric-Oxide (NO) induced vasodilation.
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Sample X?

We understand our solution may seem novel and revolutionary, but it is actually rooted in ancient, traditional medicine systems from different cultures that have existed for millennia.
Recognizing that some of our customers might be on the fence, we've introduced a minimum-risk sample option. We encourage our customers to try the low-risk sample first to ensure it is the right fit for them and experience the benefits first-hand.
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