How It Works

A simple and effective, long-term solution. 

At the time of sexual intimacy, the brain sends signals to the nerves in the male organ to prompt the release of nitric-oxide (NO) within the endothelium (a specialized group of cells lining the interior walls of our blood vessels). The sudden release of nitric-oxide triggers the blood vessels and arteries to dilate, resulting in rapidly increased blood flow causing an erection [1].

Due to various factors such as aging, oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, excessive or indulgent lifestyles, cardiovascular health can become suboptimal over time and this can result in impaired sexual performance due to endothelial dysfunction [2]. Endothelial dysfunction, which is an inability of the blood vessels and arteries to properly expand and contract as required by the body, results in inadequate blood flow when you need it most. 

In our X AuNPs + Peptides colloidal gold solution is found a centuries old, time-tested traditional medicine technology. It is designed to harness the combined therapeutic power of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) and specialized natural plant peptides with potent vasodilative properties [3]. These natural plant peptides are sourced and extracted from medicinal herbs known as 'Gorakshaganja' or 'Mountain Knotgrass' (Aerva Lanata) and 'Nirgundi' or 'Chinese Chastetree' (Vitex Negundo) and are found in the Himalayan regions of India and Tibet. It turns out that within this region, these herbs are well-known and have been traditionally used to treat male sexual health and performance related issues for time immemorial.

Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have been used in Indian Traditional Medicine (Ayurveda) for millenia. AuNPs have also been scientifically proven to have transdermal properties, specifically those ranging in size <100nm [3]. Combined with our peptides, AuNPs (5-20nm in size) form the basis of our revolutionary, transdermal approach to regenerate and optimize sexual function in men. Keeping these unique therapeutical properties in mind, we have developed a topically applied, colloidal gold solution to deliver our specialized plant peptides directly to the targeted area. These unique plant peptides have been shown to restore healthy sexual function in men [3]. 

The natural plant peptides extracted from Aerva Lanata and Vitex Negundo work to optimize nitric-oxide induced vasodilation leading to significantly improved blood flow with each successive application. The peptides accomplish this using an enzymatic mechanism to optimize the release of nitric-oxide within the walls of our blood vessels and arteries. This results in notably increased blood flow. These peptides are unique because they are among the few known plant extracts with vasodilative properties that seem to provide long-term benefit [3]. These benefits to blood flow are noted to persist well beyond initial applications. After a certain amount of applications depending on the severity of the dysfunction, our customers should be able to enjoy naturally-derived, long term health benefits for sexual function. 

Our X AuNPs + Peptides colloidal gold solution when applied topically is absorbed through the skin transdermally. It then begins working to gradually restore and promote healthy blood flow to optimize sexual function. Due to AuNPs also being scientifically proven to be anti-microbial, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory in nature, it is safe for topical use on human skin [4][5][6][7][8][9]. After over 50 years of use within the global traditional medicine market, we are confident we have developed a safe and effective natural, long-term solution to restore confidence in the bedroom.

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