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X AuNPs + Peptides Solution

X AuNPs + Peptides Solution

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Introducing our groundbreaking, time-tested topical solution for men's sexual health restoration – a colloidal solution of AuNPs (pure gold nanoparticles) and plant peptides (Vitex Negundo and Aerva Lanata) designed to be applied externally to the skin. The AuNPs + Plant Peptides colloidal gold solution works to optimize Nitric-Oxide (NO) induced vasodilation and significantly increase blood flow resulting in long-term healthy sexual function. The transdermal gold nanoparticles are gently absorbed through the skin to deliver potent, natural plant peptides to the targeted area. To learn more about this process, visit Our Approach and How It Works.

The sample size contains 3-4 treatments.

The half size vial contains approximately 25 treatments

The full size vial contains approximately 50 treatments. Based on the experience of our customers, this amount should last a lifetime. 

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X AuNPs + Peptides solution has antimicrobial properties that detoxify the system from unwanted microbial presence that may be inhibiting healthy sexual function.


Up level your sensitivity and experience optimal blood flow. Shift your intimate moments to a more harmonious and easy going experience.

Long term benefits

A little bit goes a long way - reverse years of damage with your first few applications. Benefits such as healthy blood flow and consistent erections last for years to come.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Greg H
It works like it says

This worked for me after the first few treatments. I already feel a significant difference in the amount of blood flow I have down there. I wish I would've used it a bit more conservatively cause the second time was intense. I felt like I couldn't walk without feeling discomfort for a day or two, but it returned to normal. Definitely a good product, Lets hope its a good long term solution. I tried a blue chew and was pleasantly surprised, I'll leave it at that.

Amir N

This was a very good product. Did not disappoint. I have friends who are older and they use to talk about these issues. I'm 45 M and didn't have to much of an issue but this makes me feel like I am young again. Super product!

Cody D
I love this product

I don't have to worry about weak erections anymore. I started using this 4 months ago and have used it maybe once a month conservatively. I feel there is a significant boost in the amount of blood flow and overall my thing just feels solid.

Joey G
I like it

This was good. It worked well for me.

Jared M.
Works as advertised

I like that it worked, even though at first it scared me. I think this product is effective at what it says it does. I feel fine and looking forward to the next time I use this again. This time I know what to expect.