Our Approach

Merging legacy and modernity.

At Auro, our approach to fostering male sexual wellness is deeply rooted in natural healing modalities that have been developed and documented over millennia. These time-honored healing traditions can offer ideas which when combined with scientific insight can lead to cutting-edge innovation. The fruits of this innovation would be rooted in the safety and stability derived from centuries of codified natural healing methods from different advanced cultures and civilizations around the world. Combined with systematic methods to explore and validate these ancient healing traditions, our approach has also depended upon a nuanced scientific understanding of the intricate factors involving male sexual health. We have been hard at work in exploring, validating, codifying, and bringing to the world the common ground held between ancient medicinal traditions and the rigorous validations of modern science. 

Through the curation of our products, we present our work on ultra-fine metallic particles (colloids) which have been in contact with human biology since the metal ages (6000 - 1000 BCE) [3]. Different metals have different bioactive properties depending on their inherent nature and size on the nanoscale (measurement in nanometers) [1][2][3][4][5][6].

In fact, the elite classes of medieval Europe including the families of royals, noblemen, and aristocrats inadvertently ran into the medicinal properties of ultra-fine metallic particles (colloids) due to the silverware utensils they used. The most notable case is the use of silver utensils by the elite classes of the Kingdom of Castile in modern-day Spain (1065 - 1230 CE). Due to slow abrasion from decades of use, relatively high amounts of ultra-fine silver colloids slowly leached from these utensils causing a dangerous build-up in the bodies of people who heavily used them. Their skin over time developed a characteristic bluish tinge owing to the color of silver colloids and hence they became known in Spanish as ‘sangre azul’  (eng. trsl. ‘blue bloods’). Mysteriously, these ‘blue bloods’ thought themselves to be biologically superior and claimed to rarely ever become ill despite diseases being rampant in those times. Unfortunately, sometimes the uncontrolled ingesting of silver particles over decades often resulted in a dangerous build-up of pure silver in the body (called 'argyria'). It is therefore not recommended to ingest large amounts of any colloidal metal substance. Other notable cases in the use of metallic colloids for health benefits include numerous examples such as Indian, Greek, Tibetan, and Chinese cultures [3][7]. To learn more about these practices, visit our blog. 

To reiterate, the uncontrolled ingesting of high amounts of metallic minerals or colloids is not safe due to the potential for build-up. Luckily steel, which is much harder and less susceptible to micro-abrasion, has become the norm for dish utensils today. However, we now know based on studies that from smaller, controlled dosages of pure colloids using precious metals we can derive a whole range of health benefits [8][9][10]. These bioactive colloids are typically sourced from precious metals including gold, silver, copper, and palladium to name a few. Smaller, gradual doses of precious metal colloids based on the principles of hormesis [11] could denote benefits to health due to their anti-microbial, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory properties [3][12].

Gold nanoparticles in particular (AuNPs), and bioactive metallic colloids in general, have coincidentally also been a cornerstone of advanced Indian Traditional Medicine (Ayurveda) for millennia [3][6]. Our AuNPs are sourced from ultra-fine, 98% pure elemental gold powder and they possess several bioactive properties including being anti-microbial, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory [3][12]. In addition, pure gold is incredibly stable and resistant to oxidization [1][3]. Furthermore, AuNPs on the nanoscale (ranging between 5-20nm) have shown to be capable of safely permeating through the skin barrier and transdermally delivering plant extracts or peptides to a targeted area [1][2][3][4][5][6]. It is for this reason gold nanoparticles are used in cosmetic and topical solutions sold all over the world today [13]. 

Pure gold is also naturally very soft (2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale) making it gentle, less abrasive, and safe to use on human skin [13]. AuNPs’ anti-microbial, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory properties further add to it's safety profile [3][12]. It is therefore generally considered benign and quite safe for long-term use on human skin when used in the amounts available on the nanoscale. When gold colloids enter the human body in the trace amounts found in AuNPs, the human body is effectively able to utilize gold's therapeutic properties. It is then also able to properly detoxify and prevent build-up in the system once the AuNPs have done their work [14]. These unique properties of AuNPs as opposed to other metallic colloids is why we have chosen pure gold colloids to form the basis of our transdermal X AuNPs + peptides colloidal solution.

Coated on the gold nanoparticles in our X AuNPs + Peptides solution are also specially selected plant peptides. These plant peptides are sourced from the extracts of wild herbs found in the Himalayan regions of India and Tibet known as 'Gorakshaganja' or 'Mountain Knotgrass' (Aerva Lanata) and 'Nirgundi' or 'Chinese Chastetree' (Vitex Negundo). They have been used in Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese traditional medicine systems to optimize male sexual health for time immemorial [8]. The extracts and subsequent peptides from these herbs show potent and unique vasodilative properties. They are unique because they are among the few known plant extracts with vasodilative properties that seem to provide long-term benefit for optimizing blood flow. This combined solution is applied topically and absorbed transdermally to derive direct benefits to male sexual function.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


1. Before beginning topical application of our X AuNPs + Peptides solution, please completely read through these usage instructions.

2. Take one (1) drop of the colloidal solution and gently begin to rub it deeply into either one side of the penis focusing only on the sides and top of the gland avoiding the head and underside completely.

3. Take one (1) more drop to apply to the other side of the shaft. Again, avoid the head and underside completely. By the completion of this step, you should only have used two (2) drops.

4. Only if necessary to ensure full coverage, take one more drop and gently work it into the top of the gland.

DO NOT EXCEED MORE THAN A TOTAL OF TWO (2) DROPS PER TREATMENT. Exceeding this range can irritate the skin and cause discomfort (discussed in the next step).  

Wait for 3-7 days. Mild, temporary skin irritation, tenderness, itchiness, increased sensitivity, and mild scabbing is a well-documented and expected effect of the treatment process. It will recover normally on its own and will subside within 7-14 days. During this time, it is advised to keep the area cool, dry, covered, and protected against excessive sweat or chafing.

6. Observe during each successive day following treatment, whether there is an increase in nocturnal erections (healthy, spontaneous erections during sleep) and/or increased firmness and time span of erections during arousal.

If within 7 days of the second treatment, you can observe a noticeable increase in the quality, firmness, and time length of your erections, our AuNPs + Peptides colloidal solution is the right thing for you and we encourage you to complete your treatment by purchasing a full vial. If you are not satisfied with the sample for any reason or do not notice any benefit, discontinue use and consult a licensed healthcare provider regarding underlying conditions and future treatment plans.